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Your home’s deck is an extension of your home. It’s a gathering place for family and friends. It’s a place you like to kick back and unwind on. But, if your patio decks are damaged, or the balcony decks outside your bedrooms are crumbling to pieces, you can’t really use them. Or, if you need to have a new deck measured and installed, and are living with a giant pit/empty plot outside your home, you aren’t making the most out of this livable outdoor space. This is where we can help!

Our Service Offerings

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured deck and balcony installation and repair company. No matter what your residential decks’ service needs are, we have a dedicated contractor in place who specializes in those services. Some of the work we can perform outside your home includes

  1. Installing a new pool, balcony, or outdoor patio or deck
  2. Repairing your current deck
  3. Replacing deck board or posts which are damaged
  4. Replacing deck posts which aren’t properly dug in the ground
  5. Performing work with the foundation and leveling of your deck or patio
  6. Weatherproofing your deck to protect it against the elements
  7. Resurfacing or refinishing your deck, or staining it, to give it a deeper finish and texture

No matter what work you need to be done, from improvements and aesthetic details to improving the structural integrity of your deck or installing a new one, we can handle the call.

Timely, Affordable, Guaranteed Deck Services

With a great team in place, we have a deck contractor we can dispatch to your home for a free consultation within a few days of calling. From there, we will assess your home and outdoor area, determine your service needs, and provide you with a service quote. Our quotes are detailed, so you are fully aware of what you’re paying for, and if you have any questions about pricing, we’re here to answer them. Additionally, we’ll work with you if you are on a tight budget, to come up with an alternate approach if you can’t afford something, and want to hire us for the job.

We will also guarantee all deck work we perform outside of your home. We know that you want to hire the best professionals, and this is what we guarantee to be. So, we strive to use the best equipment, materials, and commercial-grade tools to work on the deck repair or installation services. Because of this, we’ll back our workmanship and quality, and make additional repairs/improvements if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the work when we are finished.

We’re dedicated to performing deck installation and repair work professionally. We use the best materials, high quality supplies, focus on durability, and guarantee an affordable price for our customers in need of residential decks services. Call or email us today for a free quote. We offer free consultations for all of our local customers in need of repair, installation, or deck addition work, so call us to schedule your consultation with a licensed and bonded contractor from our team.

We don’t do fencing, but if you need a good fencing contractor in Delaware, check out our friends.

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